Thursday, January 24, 2008

Travails with the USPS bleeds into amazon territory

The postmaster of my tiny post office called and left a message at my mother's house yesterday. I'm not really sure how he knew to call my mother's house since the post office is in another county, but it's a small world down here so I don't question things much. The postmaster dude, like Josephine, seemed interested in what my package looked like and wanted to know if I'd contacted amazon about the situation. Well, no, honestly I had not been thoughtful enough to contact amazon as it seems the US Post Office has their hands on my box. But I emailed amazon in the vague hopes they could work out some sort of hostage negotiations for my stuff before next Christmas. Here is the email I sent to Amazon. I am awaiting a reply.:

I ordered these items and they were supposed to be delivered 12/18/2008. I called both and the USPS and could not get a definitive answer on where my box was at that time, just that it had been shipped.

I allowed for the holiday mail issues and resigned myself to the idea I probably would not get the tinker toys before Christmas. On 1/18/08, I learned my package was being sent to a recovery center in Atlanta. Discovering this lead on my missing amazon box, I emailed the USPS. Josephine the USPS Lady was very kind and sent me a questionnaire to complete. I described what I thought my package may look like, where it came from (well, sort of. I don't know's mailing address - it's all very magical and internety to me) and when the package was mailed.

Well, my postmaster general dude called and left me a message yesterday and wanted to know what the box looked like. You would have thought Josephine might have relayed this information to him when they discovered my box on the loose. But you know what old people say about mights – they grow on a chickens butt. Anyway, he also wanted to know if I'd followed up with to see if you people know where my box of tinker toys and sundry notions has gotten off to.

Seeing that the USPS tracking site told me it was off in a recovery center somewhere recovering from only Lord knows what, I don't know what you all can do for me. But if you can find my box or call my postmaster general dude and let him know what my box looks like or give them a tracking number or whatever, I'd be mighty obliged. I don't know what good the tracking number is going to do, I've e-mailed that all over the place and haven't gotten anywhere with it. A hound dog showed up at my house yesterday, though. I’m thinking about driving him up to Atlanta this weekend and seeing if he can’t sniff out my tinker toys.

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