Saturday, June 2, 2007

To Blog or not to Blog?

To blog. Yet, what bloggest I?

A year and a half ago, I began a blog in an effort to amuse myself. Two entries into it, I lost interest and it molders in the world of livejournals gone bad. It was funny. I was amused. And then I grew bored and frustrated.

The eternal question of my audience rendered me incapable of deciding anything for myself. Would my audience be amused by my antics? Did they want to read about a grown woman occasionally hiding in the closet and screaming in the pillow when her children were clearly developing a mutiny that would certainly overshadow any smalltime schemes of Fletcher Christian?

Should I espouse my political agenda? What is my political agenda? Oh. George W. Bush sucks donkey balls. I think many other people have cornered that market and made much better use of the material than I ever could. I’m not politically inclined. I’m not socially inclined, either. Quite frankly, I’m pretty happy sorting out all the little introspective voices in my head without some war-happy jack ass invading my personal time.

Should I take a religious approach? And who would be thoroughly interested in redneck cracker transcendentalism? I once told a friend that Ireland is truly God’s country. (According to the pictures I’ve seen because I don’t get out much.) “Which God?” she asked. Hell. I don’t know. Pick one. I don’t care. God is another name for yourself. Or the part of yourself you aren’t prepared to accept responsibility for because it’s too large for you. God is a woman. God is a cat. God is a transsexual Elvis impersonator. Believe what you want. I don’t care. You’re right. I’m right. We’re all right until you tell me I’m wrong. And then you can fuck the fuckity fuck off.

And this brings yet another question. Should I submit to my fondness for base language? Certainly it lowers the overall intelligence of whatever argument I am submitting to the public at large for consumption. And yet, it’s coarse and I am an earthy, barefoot, three-second-floor-rule sort of chick so perhaps it will be fine.

Welcome to my neurotic rants and random things that seem to happen only to me. Strap in, because I have no agenda and no idea where in the hell we’re going.


Sandy D. said...

You have to sign up for StatCounter or some other tracker so you can see what kind of wackos come to your site Googling for "God is a transsexual Elvis impersonator". :-)

eq said...

dude, you gotta put more stuff up there! i'm redoing my format soon, so you'll need to come by and post some unclecousinlucky stories. ;-)

Her Bad Mother said...

No agenda is the best agenda. Just roll with the muses and ENJOY!

(Thanks for visiting my little agenda-less abode, btw. ;))